Bose Wiring Diagram

Last updated: October 29, 2003

from "flybye" on the forum:

Yep This is IT! A WHOPPING 700k. Everything and anything you ever needed to know about the system's wires. Remember to hook it up to the amp relay to ignition power and not constant power. If you hook it up to constant power, the amps will stay on ALL the time and KILL your battery.

Here are your color codes.

L  = Blue 
B  = Black 
BR = Brown 
DL = Dark Blue 
DG = Dark Green 
G  = Green 
GY = Gray 
LB = Light Blue 
LG = Light Green 
N  = Natural 
O  = Orange 
P  = Pink 
R  = Red 
PU = Purple 
T  = Tan 
W  = White 
Y  = Yellow 
V  = Violet 

Bose Wiring Diagram

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