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Last updated: February 27, 2001

Rotor-shaped oil cap.

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 14:41:05 -0500
From: steve@ScuderiaCiriani.com

If you want the looks of braided hose, but not the expense, you can get the braided sleeving that slips over plain old hoses. Spectre makes some nice clamps that look almost exactly like the real fittings.

See the Jegs catalog 800-CALL-JEG.

I remember Kevin Wyum was looking at putting together a hose kit, but don't know if he ever had time to whip one up. My take on this is that we could just put together a parts list and order the components individually. To do this, we would need some diameters for the hoses. I don't have all of these. Anyone?

Some of these would be dress-up only, but some should help performance, e.g.- the turbo hose kits.

So far, I have the following part numbers/sources:

Radiator Hose	Goodridge	G553-B		Silicone wrapped blue pre-formed

Turbo Pipes	Tri-Point	TPE-1068	Black, Blue, or Red silicone hose,
						stock IC, $210

		Pettit		0803-396	Pipe kit, stock IC, poliched alum.,
						blue hose, $499.95

		Pegasus		TCS23		Samco silicone 2 hose set, $139.99.
						Not sure which parts it includes

Intake Pipes	ASP		N/A		Polished alum., works w/ stock airbox?,
						other intakes

Wire Loom	Taylor		71BH1734X	Red, assortment of 4 sizes, covers
						electrical wires
				74BH7300Y	Blue
				15BH8400X	Yellow
				81BH0997R	Teal Green
				81BH0999N	Purple
						Note:  JC Whitney part numbers.  $11.95
						Also available in black, and separate hose

Anyone have any more?


Ryan Schlagheck has a page on his site that shows the braided hoses on his car.


From: Gordon Monsen (gmonsen@fast.net)
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 10:01:50 EDT

Does anybody know if the standard engine-related "caps" on the RX-7 3rd gen are the same as those on the Miata or the Hondas? I mean the master brake cylinder, windshield washer resevoir, clutch master cylinder, radiator, and oil filler caps.

I know that the oil filler cap is the same for the 7, all Hondas, and the Miata. Does anyone know about any of the others? thanks, gordon

Editor's note: if the caps are the same, you cap buy anodized or chrome caps for the cars Gordon mentions, and I am sure there are tons more dress-up parts for those than the low volume 3rd gen '7s. --Steve


From: Steve Cirian (steve@ScuderiaCiriani.com)
Date: July 3, 1999

Mazdaspeed makes rotor-shaped billet aluminum oil caps. You can purchase these from Cork Sport, and I think Rotary Performance.

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