Injector Installation and Removal

Last updated: April 17, 2000

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:45:09 -0400
From: "Wade Lanham" (

>There appears to be a piece attached to the top of the lower intake runners
>(three nuts and it looks like a gasket attach it) that needs to come off to
>get to the top fuel rail).  Does this need to come off and do the hoses and
>connectors need to come off with it (I think this may be an emissions
>related piece)

It's for emissions and is relatively easy to remove. You may or may not "have" to remove it to get to the rails. I have all this stuff off my car so I'm not certain what does and does not need to come off.

>Anything else that needs to be removed to get to both the fuel rails
>besides the fuel rail bolts and lines? Are you finding a lot of the vacum
>hoses need to come off to get in there?

I'm guessing a lot of that stuff would have to come out. Again, I have all this out anyway so I'm not certain.

>Should I leave the rails in the car and just remove the injectors or should
>I take the rails out as one piece and remove them at the bench?

The injectors are in tightly, if you can work them out without removing the rail, it would be okay. I just figured it'd be easier in my case to remove the entire rail. I need to do some work to the rails anyway.

>Should I replace the rubber fuel lines since I am there and if so, what do
>you guys recommed?  Will high quality replacement fuel line do the >trick?
>(I am running the RP high flow pump)

I'm replacing all that stuff with braided stainless and pretty anodized fittings. If I were you I'd either replace with high quality fuel hose (NOT advance auto parts brand) or keep the stock ones. Those things have a huge margin of safety from the factory so I don't think upgrading the hoses themselves is necessary, but screw clamps would hold them better (than the stock band clamps) and would be easier to remove and replace.

>Any gaskets need to be replaced?  My upper to lower intake gasket is metal
>and appears to be in good shape. I think I can reuse it, but just >checking
>(I assume no gasket sealer is required here).  If I need to remove the piece
>mentioned in the first question above, does that gasket >need to be
>replaced?  Any other gaskets?

Only if you find some that aren't metal. It depends on the year of your car.

>Anything else to look for or replace while I have it opened up?

Look at all the vacuum lines, especially the ones going to the oil metering jets and the fuel pressure regulator and it's solenoid. These can cause catastrophic engine failure if they aren't working correctly. Most of the others are emissions and boost control.

Also see the pages on Injector Upgrades and Injector Cleaning.

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