Intake Plenum Removal

Last updated: April 26, 2000

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 16:51:31 -0700
From: "Drew"

> Given that I don't have my shop manual with me right now...

Not really needed for the upper intake removal...

BUT you really should have it to see what solenoids your looking at will spend a lot of time looking a stuff that may not matter (ie the "purge control" is a good thing not to spend too much time on...)

> I plan to remove the intake plenum sitting atop all the solenoids and
> hoses in search of a loose hose...

Took a couple of hours the first time I did it. Its not as bad as it looks.

1. Good Luck

2. Take your time

3. Inspect before doing anything (mentally "place" all those parts/hoses)

You might want to replace the spark plugs while your at it...maybe the spark plug wires too.

My order of doing things...

A. Remove both of the hard air pipes ( intake pipe and the turbo output). The removal of the turbo pipe is to keep it from getting scratched up...and to allow better access to the "pit" below.

B. Remove all the nuts/bolts from the upper intake

C. Unhook the accelerator cable

D. You might want to label the pressure box hoses (the black triangle shaped box in the middle). Actually you might want to label all your hoses and/or replace them with the silicone tubing.

E. Happy hunting

F. Putting it back together is not real tuff...just make sure you get the check that all hoses are reattached properly and the intake tightened evenly. The bolt that secures the pressure chamber is screwed into the intake and is easily easy on it.

> Do I need to replace any gaskets ?

The book calls for a new upper/lower gasket...but I just reused my old one.... DO NOT remove the throttle body...there is a gasket there that you will most likely need to replace.....

> How much time do I have to allow for, for the removal and installation
> of the intake plenum alone (besides looking for that friggin' hose) ?

Couple of hours for R&R for the upper intake + search time for the tube.

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