Interior Repair

Last updated: June 30, 2000

The 93's have problems with the finish on the dash panels and some other interior pieces. It cracks or peels, and flakes off. This was fixed on the 94s. There are a couple of solutions:

Simply replacing is a lot easier, since repairing takes a lot of time. But repairing is cheaper.


Info on how to remove the dash.


From: Kris Pelley

I haven't got a writeup yet (I'm converting my tan interior to black with red highlights) as I'm still in the middle of the job, but, getting the doors, or, really, any of the interior panels off isn't a problem at all. Just check the entire panel for screws and those little pop up clips (pull out the "center piece" of the little circle, then the entire circle) and remove all of them. You can pull pretty hard without damaging the panels. When I felt like I was pulling too hard there was usually another screw I was missing.

If I recall correctly, for the doors, there are two screws on the front part of the door (the bit that you can't see after you close it...), and one screw at the bottom back end of the door (also hidden when the door is closed). And then one more screw under a panel in the "tray" area of the door. You can see a notch in the panel. Slip a flathead in it and pop it up. And on the passenger side, right about in the center of the door is another big screw. It's hidden by a smallish panel. You can't miss it.

If you want to see what the doors look like with a little color added, check out:

driver's door
passenger's door

The passenger side still has a few problems, but a quick repaint should fix it.

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