Mazda RX-7 Lemon Site

Last Updated January 22, 1997

Editor's Note: I (Steve Cirian) got this portion of my site (Lightning in a World of Thunder) from its creator and former owner. He has asked that I handle all questions on it, so direct questions my way.

The rest of this page and the rest of the Lemon Site were created by someone else, so don't ask me specific questions like "what did you do to resolve XXXXXX issue". But questions on items like the FAQ section, TSBs, etc., are perfectly welcome.

--Steve March 17, 1999


UPDATE: 3/99. I (Lemon Site creator) lost interest in this site long ago. I still have my Yellow R1 and I just put a new motor in it. Apparently some people missed the site and others have asked to pick it up and rehost it. Therefore, the "I"s in the site don't refer to the people actually hosting and supporting the site now but they've agreed to try to help by answering intelligent questions. Many people think that there is good info in the TSBs, FAQ, etc sections of the site. If it helps you, great. If not, oh well.... Gracefully bowing out, Jeff.

  • An Overview of the troubles I had with Mazda
  • Information on the California Lemon Law
  • The Top 10 myths about car warranties and Lemon Laws
  • Information on my lawyer, Bill McGee of Rosner, Law and McGee
  • Known problems (or Technical Service Bulletins) with the 3rd gen RX-7
  • List of other owners who have had problems with Mazda and/or RX-7s
  • Frequently asked questions about the RX-7 (read this before you e-mail me)
  • Other sources of information on Lemon Law, Mazda and the RX-7

  • All of the information on these pages is to my knowledge either an accurate summary of events and facts or is my opinion. It doesn't represent the views of Mazda (duh), my employer, my Internet service provider, or anyone else.