Magnetic Numbers

Last updated: January 9, 1998

From: Steven G. Cirian
Date: 05/01/97 02:06 PM

I just started autocrossing this year (3 events down and God knows how many cones ;-). I have been using the magnetic numbers and letters from K&M Magentics to identify my car. These work great, and are heaps better than masking tape or shoe polish.

They sell numbers in 4, 8, and 10" tall sizes, and letters in 4" size. They also sell a "digital LCD" style of number made up of lots of individual pieces that can be arranged into any numbers you need. The numbers and letters can be ordered in several different colors.

They also have a wide variety of logos, such as BFG, Hoosier, SCCA, Castrol, etc. And local Chicago SCCA and TSSCC (Tri-State Sports Car Club) logos as well.

They will make custom ones from your logo stickers (I am trying to get some Mazda and RX-7 ones from Mazda Comp.) They also will sell "bulk" material by the foot if you want to make up your own (I am thinking of using a blown-up font off of my PC to get custom numbers and letters).

If you do make your own, check the SCCA rule book for required stroke widths - believe it is 1.5 or 1.75", but am not sure.

They also make static cling ones for plastic or aluminum panels (e.g.- the hood on the RX-7, Corvette).

The prices are quite reasonable. e.g.-

    8" numbers 		= $3.50 each
    4.75" SCCA logo	= $4.50 each

I do not represent K&M, just a satisfied customer, and thought I would pass it along, as they seem like good guys and they have a good product.

Call for their catalog. Tell them I sent you; maybe I can get them to give me a few free ones.

Contact info:

    K&M Magnetics
    2 N 330 Mildred Avenue
    Glen Ellyn, IL  60137

BTW, I had a hell of a time getting the masking tape residue and shoe polish off of my doors. I finally had some success with the Bug and Tar Remover from Turtle Wax, I believe it was. However, I had to really scrub and ended up put some swirl-mark-type fine scratches on my doors. Hopefully Meguire's #9 swirl remover will help that. The masking tape really got cooked on.

I ended up using "Goo Gone", and that really did the trick. Highly recommended.


From: rebel128 @ (Glenn Duensing)
Date: 06/30/97 05:22 PM

Try Pro Image in San Diego. Jim Ourland will give you a good deal and he is a autocrosser too. Phone # 619 449-2486


I've been really happy with SignEdge for magnetic numbers & letters - they do whatever you want, are racers themselves, and have always been very prompt and courteous for me.






You can also go to your local sign shop and have them cut them for you or just buy bulk magnetic material, usually sold 24" wide by however many feet you want.

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