Oil Filter Remote Mount

Last updated: November 10, 1997

I bought all the parts to do a remote oil filter, but have not installed them yet. I will post complete part numbers, etc, when I make sure everything fits.

In the mean time, here's what it looks like: the oil filter is removed and an adapter plate is screwed into its place. The adapter has an inlet and an outlet port. These connect to a remote oil filter mount via SS braided hoses with AN fittings. A standard oil filter is then screwed onto the remote mount (I think it is a Ford filter, but will make sure).

I am planning to put the remote filter in the space where the second oil cooler would go if mine was an R1/R2. This may give some incidental cooling benefit.

Another benefit will be that the filter can be changed without dripping oil on the hoses below the stock filter location. The oil will degrade the hoses over time. Moving it eliminates this.

Another benefit will be ease of changing the filter. The new mount mounts the filter right side up (in my mind the stock one is upside down). Also, mounting it right-side up will eliminate the problem of the oil draining back into the engine and having none available immediately upon start up.

Racer Wholesale also has a bracket that will mount two filters (inline, I would think). They were out of stock on that and the rep didn't know when they would get more, so I ordered the single unit. These are less than $20, so I may change it in the future.

Carlos suggested the use of a re-usable filter with this, details below. I believe this would not require the remote filter mount, and probably different AN fittings. I bought everything from Racer Wholesale, and am sure they could tell you. I may do this, if not now, then in the future.


Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 15:58:34 -0500 From: Carlos Igelsias rotary@mediaone.net

Pretty simple actually. The Canton filter has a 3/4" NPT inlet and 3/4" outlet on the filter housing. Those are attached to a 3/4" NPT / AN -10 adapters, which in-turn are attached to aluminum compression fittings on Racing (SS braided) Hoses which terminate in the same type of adapter that you'll be using on the stock oil filter mount. All of the plumbing is Aeroquip.

The filter's top is secured by 4 Allan (SP?) screws. Replacing the filter is as easy as unscrewing the 4 screws, throwing out the old internal filter element, and popping in a new one. The best part of the system is the quality/capacity of the filter elements -> filters to 2 microns, and doesn't need replacing for 20,000 mile. Being conservative, I replace mine every 10K mile.

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