Power Steering Pump Removal

Last updated: September 1, 2002

Some of the people on the mailing list have removed their power steering pumps to convert to non-power-assisted steering. This mod is typically done to increase steering feel. --Steve

Date: 10/24/00 03:31 PM
From: Gene Felber

The fluid needs to move from one side of the rack to the other when you steer. Normally, the pump helps to power this but cannot do that when disconnected, obviously. To remove the PS properly you need a hose that connects opposite ends of the rack.


or connect the existing hoses together, as Carlos describes:

From: Carlos Iglesias
Date: September 27, 1998

To remove the power steering (p/s):

  1. Remove the p/s pump.

  2. Drain the pressure side hose to a level just above it's fitting on the rack.

  3. Cut the pressure side hose to a length of 9" as measured from the centerline of the banjo fitting at the steering rack. (HIGHLY recommend Craftsman Handi-Cutters)

  4. With a small pipe cutter, cut the return hardpipe at 4" as measured from the top of the return compression fitting located at the rack.

  5. Wrap the end of the return hardpipe 4 times with Teflon pipe tape

  6. Loosen the return hardpipe, rotate until pointing towards the brake master cylinder, and retighten.

  7. Slip a worm clap (0.8" - 1.0") over the pressure side end.

  8. Place the end of the pressure side level with the height of the return side end.

  9. Top off the pressure side with p/s fluid (i.e. ATF). (Beware of fluid spilling out the return side).

  10. Insert the pressure side over the return side, and secure with the worm clamp.

  11. Remove the p/s cooling pipe system. (Optional)

Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 21:18:09 -0400
From: Grant Moyer (gmoyer@paonline.com)

> Has anyone used the Crooked Willow power steering loop?  Does it work?  And
> were you pleased with the results?  Is there any damage (to the rack or
> anything else) that can result from using this?  Was it easy to install and
> do you have to have fluid in the loop?

I have it and I am very happy with the quality and the support. It does work. If you plan on keeping the A/C, it was more invloved than I thought it would be to install. Unbolting the A/C compressor allows the compressor to be moved up and forward to make more room to install the hose, and I also took out the battery.

Still it was difficult for me to keep the fluid in the hose while trying to make the final connection from under the car. I ended up doing the best I could and it seems to be OK.

The steering is heavy and I wonder if there's too much air in the system. I'm not concerned enough to try installing it again though. I was surprised at the amount of feedback I get and how heavy the steering is at speed. I find myself really holding onto the wheel... at least I'm aware of holding onto the wheel now that I consciously notice the steering, whereas I think I used to focus on other things... And I swear I REALLY can feel the tires pushing through slow turns.

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