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Last updated: June 18, 1998

Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 03:21:52 -0700
From: Stephen Stanley

I've been asked for the results of the tracing I did. Note that I ended up getting an OEM adapter kit in the end for simplicity and reliability. I'm told that Crutchfield can supply these and their web site is aware of both 3rd gen (Bose and non-Bose) setups. THeir web sire URL is

The results of tracing the standard Clarion radio are shown below. Note that it may not apply to the Bose system which outputs preamp levels and has powered amplifiers in the speakers.

There are two main connectors to the Clarion radio which may be similar to those on the Bose. For instance, there is a power supply to the the speaker connectors in the doors which is not used in the Clarion setup but would need to be used to power the amps in the Bose speakers. If you are replacing the Bose setup, you will probably need to get a stereo with pre-amp outputs.

In my setup there are 10 wires to one of the main connectors and 5 to the other. Wires I traced are as follows. (Note that some of the wire colours are subject to fading!)

Note: some wires have pink, (possibly silver) rings on them as well as the colours listed below, but these may be worn off the wires.

Note: where two colours are listed, that the major colour is listed first.

Final note: this list is from an Efini RX7, similar to an R1, but it is right hand drive.

10-wire connector: 
Red: Front Right door speaker
White: Front Right door speaker
Blue: Front Left door speaker
Green: Front Left door speaker
Grey/Black stripe: Could not trace - maybe front dash tweeter crossover
Red/Green: Instrument dimmer illumination connector
Green/Red: Aerial (Antenna) power lift feed
Black/Red: Could not trace - maybe front dash tweeter crossover
Blue/Red: 12v permanent supply
Blue/Black: 12v switched supply

5-wire connector:
Yellow/Green: Rear Left speaker
Yellow/Blue: Rear Left speaker
White/Blue: Rear right speaker
Blue/Yellow: Rear right speaker
Beige (light brown): Could not trace

Spade connector
Black: Negative Earth

Antenna connections for diversity system
Large socket: Main retractable aerial mast
Small socket: Rear window built-in aerial

Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 00:05:13 -0500
From: Wael El-Dasher

>The wires were looped in a criss-cross against themselves and placed behind
>the bracket close to the antenna.
>Maybe that makes sense, maybe not, but I now get stereo on my tuner without
>that horrible squelch.
>I figure when the original owner had the retracting antenna replaced, the
>technician simply replaced the harness the easiest(?!) way he could by
>stuffing it behind the bracket, looping the wires once to help them fit
>before snapping the white plastic fasteners back into place.
>All I did was undo the loop and presto!  FM STEREO!  I carefully replace the
>unit (trying to keep the harness to the left side) and it continued to work
>properly...Called my wife over to listen (the real test---you know.  Usually
>when I think I have something fixed I'll call my spouse and whatever it
>it'll act up again.  A common phenomenon for anyone else???)...and it STILL

Congrats! I knew it was something as simple as that, to really clear out the wires and to ensure all wires are routed properly the first person you worked on the car should have removed the center panel and the panel where the DIN unts reside, but to take that off they need to unscrew the instrument panel too, they probably did not want to do that nor did they have the patience to clear them the way you did. Rule number one is installation is 50% of your system ( some believe its even more than that too). You could have the best equipment, but without a good install they are worthless. again congrats.

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 14:50:17 -0600
From: "Stover, Steve"

Roebuck installed a plug that allowed the radio to be used without the CD player. The CD connector has 3 rows of 4 pins starting next to the connector notch, and 1 row of 1 pin at the other side. On the first row of 4 pins, next to the indentation notch, both side pins were jumpered together. In other words, if pins are numbered 1-2-3-4 from either direction on the first row of 4 pins, jumper pins 1-2 and pins 3-4 together. Pin sequence would be:

Connector Notch

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 12:09:34 -0600
From: "Stover, Steve"

In response to a previous post several people mentioned the ground wire on the level converter. Mine wasn't connected. I connected it. Noticeable Improvement! Thanks All!

The original installers didn't hook up the ground wire on the Vendetta converter. I called Vendetta and the tech said if the speakers are working don't hook the ground up. But when I found out the Bose output is differential it started me thinking. The ground DOES make a difference. But now the rear speakers are a touch louder...But they sound better, too!

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