Rear Spoiler Install

Last updated: January 4, 1999

From: Leslie Acosta Wong (
Date: August 8, 1998

Here you go. There was a 22"x17" template too. I just scanned it into 4 parts (2 left hand, 2 right hand) as best I could. You can match up the dotted lines.

The files are kinda big even though I tried to use the lowest quality jpeg settings on Photoshop.

Let me know if you need better quality pictures.


ftp the following 4 files:





Here are the instructions Leslie scanned in:


Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 16:26:31 EST

I have a '93 Touring on which I added the '97 Mazda (efini) rear wing. The stock hatch lifts ('springs') could not raise it.

The stock lifts I had would not raise the hatch+wing even on the hottest days. I've since replaced them with the stronger lifts which are made for a R1(2) hatch+wing. These are the part numbers:

Left: #8BF6-63-620

Right: #8BFA-62-620

From: Steve Cirian Date: July 29, 2002

Generic Spoiler Mounting Instructions

I would suggest taking off the interior trim/panel so you can see the sheet metal. Figure out where the reinforcement is, and buy one that will bolt through this. That will reduce flex.

To mount it, get a rough idea of where you want it by placing it on the car (use a cloth so it doesn't scratch.

Once you figure out roughly where you want it, measure across (side-to-side) the deck lid to get the total distance. divide by two to get the center.

Then measure between the bolt holes on the spoiler, and divide by two. That will give you the distance from the center line to the bolt hole, and mark.

Once you have the bolts holes marked, set the spoiler back on, and make sure they line up.

Then drill.

Coat the metal that is exposed in the drill holes with a rust preventative (available at most parts stores).

If the spoiler did not come with a rubber gasket to seal it and prevent wearing through the paint, I would advise making one. Cut shut sheet rubber around the spoiler base and leave a sixteenth or so exposed, to allow for shrinkage.

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