Tail Light Removal

Last updated: July 7, 1998

Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:19:25 -0700
From: "Jim LaBreck (ECA)"

>how do you remove the rear light lens?

Remove the center panel in front of the third brake light first by removing the four screws holding it in place and pulling it up and out. You can remove the side panels without removing the center panel, but they interlock with the center panel and are difficult to replace properly. Removing the center panel makes it much easier and reduces the chance of damaging something.

Remove the tail light cover panel on the side you're working on by removing the three screws holding it in place. The rearmost and outermost screw is a long one, the other two are short. Be sure to replace them in the same order.

Get down on your knees so that you're on the same level with the light. Place a hand on the outside edge to avoid shooting the thing across the street when it breaks loose. Apply gently pressure to the top of the light, pushing towards the outside edge of the car. There are three tabs on the back of the light housing, and they should pop loose easily.

Replace the bulb, or whatever. Replace the light assembly with a '97-'98 Efini assembly while you're at it. :-)

Pop the light assembly back on to the car in the reverse of the way in which it was removed. It will seat easily onto the three body posts when everything is aligned correctly.

Reinstall the tail light cover panel with the screws in the correct positions. Do not over-tighten the screws, as the plastic inserts they thread into will strip easily.

Reinstall the center cover panel behind the third brake light. Again, easy on the screws. These are even easier to strip.

Voila! Go do a block-long funny-car-style burnout and celebrate. :-)


Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 14:04:15 PDT
From: "Firas Arabo"

Once you have the plastic covers off, the lights are removed by sliding them towards the outside of the car, ie: to remove the driver's side tail light you need to shift it out towards the driver's side of the car. Opposite with the passenger side.

Once you're in there, you may also want to take a look at the leads coming off the bulbs. Horrible design in placement, they seem to sit right in the path of exiting water. Look for corrosion.

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