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Last updated: January 6, 1998

Most of these are about small trailers that will hold four tires and a toolbox. But one at the end is about an enclosed car trailer. --Steve

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:36:50 -0700
From: Tim Stiles

Here are 3 great URLs for hitches for all makes and models. I found Hitch-Web to have the lowest prices. Lower than U-Haul (Draw-Tite brand) and delivered to my front door!

good prices if they have it

Hitch-Web doesn't show any hitches avail for 93 RX7 on their website but I'd give them a call.

Hitch Masters makes custom hitches for everything.


Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 12:40:54 -0600 (CST)
From: Victor Erwin 1-800-HITCHIT

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:43:49 -0400
From: Nathan Freedenberg

Sandy Linthicum posted this awhile back. I just used his info and ordered a hitch myself.

>From: Linthicum, Sandy * EMC.Ver #2.5.03 ]

I and another local 3rd owner (Jerry Smith) who do track events have run down the info necessary to pull a small trailer with a 3rd gen 7. Detailed info is listed below. Uhaul has done hitches for 3rd gens before and has spec's in engineering. The hitch is a special order. The hitch mounts to the frame above and behind the differential and has a easily removable drawbar (thing that has the trailer ball on it) which when off makes it difficult to to tell you have a hitch installed. It is rated for 1500lbs (doen't think I'll try that!!!!!!!) The 7 already had two of the 4 hitch mounting holds drilled in a structural cross member located behind the rear differential. The other two mounting holds must be drilled into the support brace for the rear bumper.

The trailer is just big enough for 4 tires/wheels, toolbox, cooler, etc. Assembly time for a "pro" is probably about 2hours (I spent about 6 over two evening). It has an open frame with no floor (mount plywood, etc. if you want a floor). It is rated to carry 1000lbs max. If you order the trailer be sure to tell Northern to send you a notarized mnf. certificate of origin so you can license & register it in your state.


Uhaul Trailers (order is placed at local Uhaul & installation is done there)

Hitch Central actually makes the hitch: Phoenix AZ
Edgar x3429

Details on total cost after installation (8/20/96):

Hitch #24930                         $110
Kit, Drawbar #3592                   $ 20  (raises ball level 
                                            by about 2 inches)
Ball, 1 7/8 inch #4904               $  9
Lock, 1/2 in. hitch dead bolt #13150 $ 19  (locks drawbar & ball
                                            to hitch frame)
Converter #13486                     $ 15  (converts 7's 3 wire 
                                            system to 2 wire 
                                            trailer standard)
Wiring Labor                         $ 15
Hitch Labor                          $ 30

Installation took about 2 hours (slow but good job). No cutting or mod of 7's frame or bumper.


Northern Hydraulics
800-533-5545 / Charlotte

Trailer, 40x48 in. (comes in 2 boxes, both shippable UPS) $160
      9 in. wheels, total diam. w/ tire is 16 in.
      120 lbs including spare tire & carrier
      incl. complete lighting kit & wiring
Spare wheel/tire                                          $ 17
Spare tire mount kit                                      $  8 


Just ordered an aluminum toolbox for my trailer (3/97). It is really nice, well made, lockable and weather sealed. Other standard sizes are available.

Aluminum Trailers & Boxes, Florida

Ordered Part # 70199
48 long, 24 wide, 20 high
.063 alum
$194 plus shipping (3/97)


Date: Wed, 25 Jun 97 07:09:53 -0500
From: "Linthicum, Sandy"

A note about the Northern Trailer. This trailer can now be ordered with 12" wheels instead of 8" (costs about $50 more). This is highly recommended (wish this had been available when I got mine). If you order with the 8" wheels and put the 12" ones on later they will be hitting the fenders (12" package comes with larger fenders)

Also highly recommend is when assembling the trailer flush the cheap grease in the hubs and repack with high grade synthetic grease. The grease fitting that come on the wheels are metric and need to be replace with right angle fittings since it is impossible (at least on the 8" wheels) to get a grease gun on the fitting so it seals.

Thanks for the additional info Nathan. I had forgotten about needing to register & license the trailer.


Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 10:54:38 -0700
From: Larry Hull

I just completed a trailer for my Miata. I used the Northern Hydraulics 48 in. by 40 in. frame. Northern Hydraulics: 800-533-5545. They have a version with 12 in. tires that sells for $190 plus shipping.

I added an aluminum box (36 in. by 24 in. by 18 in.) I got from a Kenworth dealer. Yes, the truck people. A lot of trailer trucks have aluminum boxes under the bed to haul stuff.

A friend welded together the tire rack. The tires are held in place by a bar through the middle of the tires that bolts to a cross piece at the ends of the rack. I weighed the thing full and it came in at 450 lbs.

I have no experience pulling this yet and would like to hear anything people with small trailers and small cars might pass along. Does 450 lbs loaded sound like a lot? The weight is very evenly distributed with a tongue weight of 25 lbs.

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 17:09:24 -0700
From: John Lieberman

Sometimes you can find a suitable trailer at KMart and places like that. Most folks, though, shop mail order. The two most commonly used mail order sources are Northern (phone 1-800-533-5545) and Harbor Freight Tools (phone 1-800-423-2567). Call 'em up, tell 'em what you're looking for, and ask 'em to send you a catalog showing their various trailer options.

BTW, I just saw a SUPER lightweight tag-along trailer at the New Orleans Divisional that Bud Collins (TX Region) built to drag behind his Neon. He flew past me going home on I-49 hauling six wheels and tires and three junk boxes! You out there, Bud?

As for hitches, check with your local hitch shops. I don't know who makes 'em for what cars but something like a Class-1 Draw Tite receiver hitch might be just the ticket.

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 22:16:41 -0500
From: "Craig A. Blome"

Hitches for most small imports are available from Da'Lan, somewhere in Massachusetts. Valley Industries OEM's many of these and can be found at Pep Boys among other places (that's where I got the one for my Miata).

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 19:18:29 -0500
From: "Alan H. Beder"

I'm also in the market for a similar setup. One I am looking at now is from a company called Trailex in Youngstown,OH. They make a trailor called the Tire Toter. It is available in 4 tire and 8 tire configurations. It is 6' by 4'. It is made of aluminum and has a pressure treated floor. It also includes two dead bolt locks for the tires.

Now the bad news. It costs $888 for the 4 tire version and 8" wheels, which I think is crazy but it looks beautiful. You can reach them at 1-800-282-5042. I think one of the steel ones is probably a better value but you will have to do a little work to get it setup for the tires.

An interesting comment the sales rep made was while they could make a 4' by 4' version he said they had a more of a chance of skidding in a low speed turn. Anyone had experience with this size?

ate: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:42:19 -0500
From: (Brian Kelley)

I'm getting ready to bite the bullet and purchase an enclosed trailer to haul my CP car ("But Brian, you never bring it to events!"). I'm primarily considering Haulmark and Pace in a 24' to 26' length. I'm leaning towards Haulmark over Pace (larger dealerships, slightly better price).

The biggest question in my mind is whether to go with the "Thrifty" (great name...Think they have a marketing dept?) model or the "Race Trailer" model.

The greatest differences are in the construction of the trailer. Both have a 10K GVW capacity in the configs I'm considering. The Thrifty has a more rounded front and roof compared to the more square shape of the RT (potentially a little more usable space) AND the distance between floor, wall and ceiling supports:

                floor   wall    roof
RT              16" OC  16" OC  16" OC
Thrifty         18" OC  24" OC  24" OC

Since they're both 10K GVW, I've been stuck scratching my head and wondering "Why do I care?"

I don't place the ability to stand on the roof and watch races very high on my list.

The RT features a wider 48" door (compared to the 36"), is lower (19" vs. 21") and has a ceiling liner. An RT is $600 more than a Thrifty and none of the local dealers have them in stock (5 week wait on orders). I believe the RT also requires an option for the longer axles where the Thrifty has them standard, making the actual difference in my config closer to $1000.

Of course I could buy the Thrifty and spend the difference on other potentially more important goodies (electric hitch jack, generator, etc).

Black looks great, but I'll bet black trailers get a lot hotter than white. Thinking about the gasoline that will be stored inside, white seems like a better choice.

Any wisdom on the difference between the Thrifty vs. RT? OC distances of suppports? Difference in interior space? Haulmark vs. Pace in general?

I'm also purchasing a new used tow vehicle. I've pretty much settled on (and am looking to buy) a '88-'90 F-250 with a 460, extended cab, and full size box (long wheel base). I haven't totally ruled out a big block Suburban, but I think the shorter wheelbase is a not insignificant negative. Any advice?


Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:43:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Scotty B White

I would call Alan Cape at Flying A motorsports @ 800-222-4004, he advertises all the time in Sports Car and took really good care of us when we bought a Classic. Construction is good (price considered) and cosmetics are wonderful. He has since sold to a couple freinds of mine who were very pleased with the results also.

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