Trailer Hitch Install

Last updated: May 18, 2000

Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 00:04:23 EDT
Subject: (rx7) (RX7) [3] U-haul hitch install / light hook-ups

I just finished installing my U-haul hits to pull my tire trailer to MADS (and beyond) - thought I might pass this on. It looks like a simple install, but a few parts of it were a PITA.

  1. drill the holes for the 2 3/8 U-bolts to 1/2", rather than 3/8" per the instructions. the ubolts have to go through one hole into the aluminum brace beam, then back out the other hole. even drilling them to 1/2", I had to walk the drill around a bit, and tap them in w/ a hammer.

  2. Getting at the nuts that go to the front of the differential carrier would have been much easier w/ a double offset 7/8" box end wrench - a combination wrench would have probably been alright.

  3. The biggest pain was fishing the carriage bolt through the bumper - drilling this hole to 1/2" (instead of 7/16") would have made life much easier. this was one of those things where once you pulled it through, you were commited (unless you were smart enough to have "fish in" and "fish out" wires)

  4. So far as the lights, the U-haul #13486 3-2light converter is all you need to connect standard trailer lights to the FD's 3 light system. I mistakenly said this was #13488 in an earlier post.

Once installed, the hitch is very unobtrusive - I'll be interested to see how it tows.

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