Turbo Installation

Last updated: April 3, 2002

Editor's note: these are just the instructions for installing the turbo. Additional steps that may be required include installing a stand-alone engine management computer, upgrading the fuel system and injectors, etc, etc, etc.

From: "Steve Obrien" (poweraxel@peoplepc.com)
Date: Mon Dec 11, 2000 6:05 pm
Subject: (rx7) (3) Greddy T-78 install tips

After getting numerous emails asking for any tips on how to tackle the T-78 single turbo conversion,..I decided to make them public for everyone is aware of some things everyone should know before they tackle this job. Here a couple I remember:

  1. Knock a dent in the downpipe so you could clear the EGR port

  2. Loosen the compressor housing and turn the housing to the left so you could clear the hood

  3. Fabricate a oil return pipe to attach to the oil return flange on motor. (the pipe Greddy supplies points the wrong way and is not flat so you'll leak oil)

  4. You'll need to pull the stock exhaust manifold studs off so you could install the greddy exhaust manifold on. its a very tight fit and the studs need to be removed so you could slip the mnifold in place and then screw the studs back on the motor

  5. The downpipe is hard to tighten down due to the fact its sooo tight in there soo... what i did is attach the downpipe to the turbos turbine housing off the car and then slip it back and slide the turbo on to the exhaust manifold at the same time. worked quite well for me

  6. Remember not to overtighten the stainless steel bolts that greddy provides to attach the downpipe to the turbo..they are cheap quality so replace them with some black allen head heat treated bolts (very strong!)

Additional steps I recommend:

  1. Replace the rubber oil return line with -12 stainless steel braided line (summitt racing)

  2. Fabricate a pipe from the wastegate outlet to the downpipe

  3. If you use a boost controller connect it inline with primary boost reference line instead of connecting to the top port on the wastegate. theres a real chance of boost spiking if you connect it to the top port. that port should "blow" freely. Fact: the Greddy wastegate spring is 9-10lbs

  4. Don't forget a Blow off valve

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