The Ultimate Rotary Engine

Last updated: December 21, 2003

OK, so this may not be THE ultimate engine, as there are a few things that could be done differently. Or different vendors besides Pineapple Racing. Or for other generations besides the FD. Or to use a 3-rotor as a starting point. But the point here was to do an exercise in what-if money were no object? What would it take to build a no-holds-barred rotary engine? Check it out:

Part Price Comment
Engine Rebuild (basic) $2,000 Pineapple Racing - with known good core
Porting $1,000 Pineapple - varies depending on type of port job
Balance Rotors ???
Dowel Pinning ???
Shipping to/from Pineapple $2,000
Apex Seals $1,500 Ceramic 3mm 
Lightened Rotors $2,000 need more info on this
Drysump $3,000
Upgraded Dual Oil Coolers $900 CWC, incl. ducts
Single Turbo $4,500 incl. new manifold, downpipe, BOV, etc.
ECU $3,000 Motec, depending on Chicago-area support for it
Wideband O2 Sensor $1,000
Fuel Pump $300
Fuel Injectors & Rail $800
RRFPR $200
X-Large Radiator $500 Fluidyne
AST Elimination $60
Ignition Unit $500
Misc. Parts $500
Remove Double Throttle Butterflys $0
Disable AWS $0
Solid Motor Mounts $200
Polish Rotor Housings $400
TOTAL: $24,360  
1.  Does not include labor costs (except engine rebuild and porting)
Parts Already Purchased Price Comment
M2 X-Large Intercooler $1,650 incl. Greddy elbow
M2 Intake $500
ASP Exhaust $600
N-Tech BMK $300 Relocated to bins behind seats
Underdrive Pulleys $200
TOTAL: $3,250  
Other (While We're At It) Price Comment
Lightweight Flywheel $400
Heavy Duty Clutch $500
TOTAL: $900  
Not To Be Done Price Comment
Extrude Hone Intake No real benefit?
TOTAL: $1,800  
GRAND TOTAL: $30,310  
Other stuff to add: upgraded differential, upgraded axles, carbon fiber drive shaft

And in case you want to download a copy of this as an Excel spreadsheet, so you can play with it and add your own ideas, click here.

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