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Last updated: August 22, 2001


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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 08:14:51 -0700
From: dbeale (

(The Mazda Competition Parts (Mazda Comp)) site is: Mazda Comp

The site includes the catalogue.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to include Canadians (although some have had success). Also, Canadian dealers can't get parts through them. This seems a little silly to me.


From: Steve O'Brien

For coupons for and other deals on the net, see:


Tools such as where to get the SSTs (Special Service Tools).


Subtitle: Parts is parts.


From:Bradley Johnson (
06/10/2001 02:48 PM

Here is a list of Japanese tuners:

C-West....awesome body kits
Border....RX7-specific performance
FamSpeed....RX7 Performance
Okura....Awesome stuff for 7's
TBO.... Bad-azz body kits @ LOW prices
RE-Wing.... RX7 performance
PreStage.... FC perfomance
I-Feelin....RX7 performance
Top Fuel....RX7 performance
RE-Amemiya... Need I say more?
R-Magic....FD performance
Joule....FC site
RE Action Racing.... Rx7 performance
Revolution... damn-fast RX7's
Stella.... I think this a div. of store Starks.
Omori....  guages manufacturer
Bride....   racing seats
kg/mm.... suspension
Dreamworks.... FD performance
Tein....  suspension
DeckPower....assortment of performance parts
One Step.... SA 1gen performance
JackPot.... SA 1stgen performance
Attain.... FD performance


Used cars:

Thanks to Deborah Swanson for the bulk of these. --Steve

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 22:44:00 GMT From: "Gerald Goh" (

I am putting up a page on FD3s (3rd gens) advertised around the world. If you have a color ad of an FD in your country for sale, please scan it for me. At the moment, I am taking 2 ads per country. You can view the page at and click on RX-7 World for the ads.

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