RX-7 VIN Deciphering

Last updated: September 13, 1997

Deciphering RX-7 VINs

From: Steven Hines
Date: Wed, 07 May 1997 23:19:52 -0500

I found this info at this link http://www.k-rad.com/3genfaq

2.5 What can I tell from looking at my VIN?

    A typical RX-7 VIN looks like:  JM1FD3311P0200001
    In order, the fields are as follows:

    "JM1"    "World Manufacturer Identifier" for Mazda
    "FD"     RX-7 series
    "33"     body style          ("33" = coupe)
    "1"      "Misc ID field"     (1993: "1" = US, "2" = Canada.)
                                 (1994: "3" = manual seat belts, 2
                                 (1995: "3" = manual seat belts, 2
    "1"      "Check Digit"       (used to verify that a VIN is not
                                 (calculated for each car)
    "P"      year model code     (1993 = "P")
                                 (1994 = "R")
                                 (1995 = "S")
                                 (Q was not used)
    "0"      assembly plant code ("0" = Hiroshima)
    "200001" serial number       (1993: started with 200001)
                                 (1994: started with 300001)
                                 (1995: started with 400001)

So, the car in this example would be a 1993 RX-7 coupe to be sold in the US.

VIN of the Last RX-7

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 17:00:38 -0400
From: csl@snt.bellsouth.com (Paul Lu)

> What is the VIN on the last rx7 built?

The last Rx-7 for USA is:

JM1FD3338S0 400526


Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 16:26:54 -0500
From: "Joel S Hollenbeck"

My VIN is JM1FD3331S0400528 (that is two later that the one claimed on your site). Mine is a DEC '95 Build Date... I am kind of interested in knowing if mine is the LAST... i doubt it though... But who knows, there might be a couple hundred more past mine?

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 11:03:49 -0500
From: Tom Walsh

It is located on the sticker in the driver's door sill. Right above where it says build date. :-)

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