3rd Gen RX-7 Magazine Articles and Advertisements

Last updated: January 27, 2003



Also check with SCC for back issues containing the following Project RX-7 articles:

The third generation RX-7 is one of the best sports cars ever built. Unfortunately, it is also one of the worst. The twin-turbocharged FD3S RX-7 is a true sports car in the classic sense: fast, track-ready, fragile and prone to sudden bursts of self-destructive behavior. No surprise, then, that our first few months were spent making preventative modifications like zip-tying every one of the 78 vacuum lines hidden under the intake manifold, installing a larger radiator, and replacing some fragile suspension brackets.

Once cured of its most self-destructive flaws, however, the supercar side of the RX-7 started to show through. The RX-7 combines explosive power and tossable handling in a package that is driver friendly in a way no other car can match.

The original intent of the project was to keep the modifications reasonable, keep the car streetable, and avoid the bigger turbo, more power, bigger turbo spiral of destruction that turns so many Japanese supercars into undrivable dyno queens. So far, that's exactly what we've done. But having reached what is perhaps the peak of street-drivable (or at least street-reasonable) performance, project RX-7 Czar Shiv "give me more" Pathak has started talking about porting, bigger turbos, and programmable engine management. Self control is a fleeting thing.

Installments to date : 10
Current state of tune : Insanely fast in every way

PART: 1, Dec, '98
subject: RX-7 Shopping, FD3S basics.

PART: 2, Jan, '99
subject: Zip tying vacuum hoses, fixing basic FD3S problems, boost gauge, turbo timer.

PART: 3, Apr, '99
subject: Radiator upgrade, MMC Rotor Upgrade (later removed due to cracking), anti-roll bar brackets.

PART: 4, May, '99
subject: M2 intake, exhaust, downpipe, J&S Knock Sensor, RS*R suspension (no longer available).

PART: 5, Jul, '99
subject: Exedy Clutch and flywheel, SmarTire system, Gas pedal extension, Mazdaspeed powerplant frame (no longer available) and shifter.

PART: 6, Oct, '99
subject: 1999 RX-7 body conversion, Mazdaspeed hood, M2 intercooler pipes, Intercooler comparison. Stage 1,2 and 3 dyno tests.

PART: 7, Nov, '99
subject: AP Racing Brakes, more intercooler tests.

PART: 8, Jan, '00
subject: Track testing, roll bar, lightweight battery, more intercooler testing.

PART: 9, May, '00
subject: Review (with prices!), Shock dyno testing of Koni, GAB, Touring and R1 shocks.

PART: 10, Jun, '00
subject: Hoosier Tires, Forgeline wheels, new instrumentation, Profec-B boost controller, knock sensor activated boost cut

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