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The following information will be sent to you when you subscribe, but I have modified it a bit to include how to subscribe to the list. I subscribe to the digest version, which will get you about 3 - 4 messages a day, each containing about 20 - 30 individual messages batched up. I find this a lot easier to manage that the individual message list (I believe this is called rx7-reflective, but I don't have that in front of me at the moment). --Steve

To subscribe to the mailing list, send the following command in email to the administrative server.

with the following command in the body of your email message:

    subscribe rx7-digest

or from another account, besides the one you are reading mail from:

    unsubscribe rx7-digest other_user@your_host.domain

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself) send email to "" . This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need to contact a human.

Here's the general information for the list (from Reto) that gets sent out every month. --Steve


Last updated: Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 00:00:01 -0500 (EST)
From: (RX7 List Owner)
Subject: (rx7) [periodic] Descriptive Subject Lines and filtering


(This is version 1.5)

[Changes from previous version highlighted with a "+" in the first column]

This is an automated message and will be sent out on the first of every month.

Because there is a great deal of mail generated by the RX7 lists, we have elected to institute the following scheme to make it easier for you to find topics that interest you.

Many mail user agents (Eudora, Navigator etc.) have the ability to filter mail based on characteristics of the messages. You will find that each message from either the interactive, or digest list has a header

X-List: rx7

that header is there so that you can filter RX7 list mail into a different mailbox. For the same reason, each message "Subject: " line is automatically prefaced with "(rx7)" as well.

Please preface the subject line of any posting to the list with the following keywords:

  [1]           Messages relating to first generation cars
                (1978 to 1985 US body style)
  [2]           Messages relating to second generation cars
                (1986 to 1991 US body style)
  [3]           Messages relating to third generation cars
                (1993 to 1995 US body style)
+ [all]         Messages relating to all models
  [misc]        Not strictly related to a particular model,
                but still RX7 related.
  [humor]       Self explanatory -- and, please, not too many of these
                posts and preferably RX7 related!
+ [none]        Not RX7 related -- and, please, very few of these, and
+               only with GOOD reason!
  [list]        Questions/Discussion about the lists themselves

It is appropriate to use multiple keywords to help your fellow readers decide what to read: (Eg., [humor][none] might precede a joke that doesn't have any RX7 content)

The following keyword may be used for information that is periodically posted, such as the Vendor List, or this message

  [periodic]    For periodic postings such as the list FAQ and this
                message.  It should be used sparingly.

I reserve the following label for the list owner's use (and will be unhappy if anyone else uses them ...)

  [admin]       This label will be used for information I deem important
                for all subscribers to read.  I use it sparingly.

If you have any other keyword to suggest, please send it to me ( for inclusion in the next monthly listing.

As ever, I welcome discussion on how the list is run. I do ask that you direct such commentary to "". I will consider anything you have to say. I don't promise an immediate response (work may often preclude that ...), but I will respond as quickly as I can.


Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 00:00:01 -0500 (EST)
From: (RX7 List Owner)
Subject: (rx7) [periodic] Monthly List Information

(This is version 1.10 of this information)

I am making it a policy to send this to the list at the first of every month because it answers questions frequently asked by members of the list. This is the introductory greeting that I send to all people when they first subscribe. I run several mailing lists so it is impossible for me to answer all of the questions posed to me every day by the *thousands* of people on all of the lists. If you ask a question that is covered in this file, I can't even guarantee that I'll be able to take the time to tell you to look here. In short,


Thank You.

This is an automated message.

Hello and welcome to the mailing list. I am Reto Lichtensteiger, and I maintain the RX7 mailing List. As of Mar 01, 1998, the RX7 Mailing List has 1326 subscribers.

This list is not affiliated in any way with anyone at Mazda.

Please read this entire introduction and then save it so that you may refer to it in the future if you need.

This list is for *ALL* Mazda Rotary engined vehicles and anything that operates using the Wankel type rotary engine.

The list's main purpose is to discuss related matters concerning these cars whether it be technical or not. All opinions and postings are welcome.

Please, keep in mind that this list is what you make of it. The content is entirely based on you, the subscriber and poster.

There is an archive of the messages to this list maintained by InReference, Inc.

Feel free to start a topic of your choice: talk about your new Mazda, post an anecdote about your old Mazda, discuss a repair you just made or would like to make, etc. There are no moderators on this list, so everything you send to:


goes directly to everyone in the alias file. Before you post to the mailing list, keep in mind that many people will be reading what you write. The administrative address for the RX7 mailing lists is:


Please use the administrative address for administrative messages (removal from list, change of address, etc.,). Please do NOT send administrative messages to the postings address, as the rest of the list recipients probably aren't interested in your request to be removed/changed, etc! DO NOT SEND THESE REQUESTS TO THE POSTINGS ADDRESS! This is one of the worst things a person can do. Please don't do it.

The Majordomo List Software supports a number of commands; of chief importance are:

        subscribe (list) (address)
        unsubscribe (list) (address)

The second worst thing you can do is to include the entire digest inside of your mail message when you are posting. If you are going to include something, only include what is relevant to your posting. Including the whole digest not only increases the size of the next digest two-fold, but it is very annoying. DO NOT DO THIS EITHER.

Do not forge mail to the mailing list. If I find that you've done this, you will be permanently removed from the list. I will also inform you site administrator. And maybe your mother.

Also, do not send images, sounds, or anything else of large size to the mailing list without first contacting me at the administrative address. When you post, only use regular ascii text. Please don't send your messages in MIME or any other format as some subscribers may not be able to read it and it may also mess up the digest.

If you are going to post something to the list that might require timely responses, keep in mind that the digest only goes out once or twice per day and is an accumulation of everything posted since the last digest. If, for example, you are advertising a car for sale, please allow the digest subscribers some time to respond.

If your mailbox has a limit on the number of messages that can be delivered to your mailbox, please consider using the digest and in either case, check your mailbox frequently. I WILL unsubscribe people who bounce list messages due to full mailboxes.

Please note: if you send a message to the list, it is possible that you may get errors. Whenever you send a submission to the list, it gets sent to EVERYONE on the list. I try to have things set up so that the errors get sent to me instead of to you, however that will not always happen. You can ignore these errors. If you receive an error message after posting to the list, this should only mean that piece of mail to that member of the list failed. However, you should always receive a copy of your own submission to the list (if you are on the digest you should receive it via the digest). If you don't receive your own posting, this means the message might not have made it to the list, and you should contact the administrative address. Please do *NOT* resend your posting until you are sure it didn't make it to the list. I do maintenance on the list regularly to reduce the occurrences of these errors, but it is a fact of life that the errors will always occur, and I apologize. Given the amount of people on the list, if you receive a couple of bounces, that is still a pretty low percentage of failures.


Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 00:00:01 -0500 (EST)
From: (RX7 List Owner)
Subject: (rx7) [periodic] Monthly Web URL and Vendor Resource Listing

(This is revision %I% of this information)

For those who are interested in Mazda vehicles in general and want more information on them, there is also a list devoted to discussing all types of Mazda vehicles. To subscribe, send mail to:

Also, there is a list dedicated to Miatas. To join, send to:

There are a number of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) available for RX7 models. They are available from the respective maintainers. Here are the locations:

A separate list of FAQs is available.

There is also a 2nd Generation (1986 - 1991) specific Web Site.

In addition, there is an RX7 Vendor and Services List which is periodically distributed to the mailing list. This is also available as a Web Document.

To be entered on this list, please send mail to John Schubert.

Some more general RX7 pages are available at the following URLs:

3rd Generation Mailing List

I think this might now be defunct, but maybe there are a few people still subscribed. I think this list didn't do very well due to the fact that most people who wanted to be on a mailing list joined the Big List and didn't want to have to read 2 of them. Here are the instructions anyway. --Steve

There is now a 3rd generation-specific mailing list (for '93 - '95). Here are the instructions:


Welcome to the fd3s-digest mailing list!

Please save this message for future reference. Thank you.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can send mail to with the following command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe fd3s-digest

or from another account, besides

    unsubscribe fd3s-digest

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself) send email to . This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need to contact a human.

Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:



First things first - if you're like everyone else, you'll probably only read this when you first sign on, and when you want to leave. For those of you in a rush to leave, here's how you do it:

All list commands go to:

Enter the below test in the body of the message:

    unsubscribe fd3s

It's that simple. PLEASE do NOT send mail to the list address, or else you've just told the whole world that you misplaced this welcome file.



Welcome to fd3s! This list is a forum for discussions about the 3rd generation Mazda RX-7 AKA as the FD3S.


List policies:

Even if you don't read the rules, you are responsible for them. Repeated violations will result in termination from the list.



As mentioned above, to send a note to the list, send mail to:

This is the address to send to regardless of whether or not you're on the "digest" or "live" list. Your message will be distributed to all subscribers.


Available list modes:

When you want to switch between "live" and "digest" mail modes, please follow the below procedure:

All list commands go to:

If you are subscribed to the digest, and want to get the list "live", include the below command(s):

    unsubscribe fd3s-digest
    subscribe fd3s

If you are subscribed to the "live" list, and want to get the digest, include the below command(s):

    unsubscribe fd3s
    subscribe fd3s-digest



The searchable archives, and past issues are at:

Use these to your advantage! Search before posting, and search if curious.


Enjoy the list.

Mailing List Etiquette

The following is a facetious checklist I came up with on how NOT to post to the list. This should not be taken as discouragement of new people who may not know that certain topics have been discussed at length before. It is meant to deter the 147th discussion of how much your insurance costs, or the mileage your car gets, or the Mustang you beat. Technical discussion is always welcome, even if it has been discussed before.

                        RX-7 Mailing List
                          Posting Form

I am posting for the purpose of:

[ ] Asking people for the phone number of a company because I am too
    lazy to call 800 information (800-555-1212) or look it up on one of
    the many Internet Directory sites, such as Four11, WhoWhere, or
    BigFoot (not to mention Alta Vista, WebCrawler, or Yahoo)
[ ] Rehashing a topic that was beaten to death two months ago
[ ] Bragging about the size of my package
[ ] Dispersing non-RX-7 content
[ ] Demonstrating a lack of knowledge of punctuation or grammar 
    (also known as showing I am a super-deaf!!!!!!!,
    cold-chillin'!!!!!, super-slamming!!!!! bad-@ss m**** 
[ ] Showing I can't read an FAQ
[ ] Inciting every single other list member to send a "me too" message
[ ] Selling overpriced used parts
[ ] Advertising stuff my RX-7 business is selling, despite the fact 
    that it against list policy
[ ] Demonstrating that I don't know the difference between a G-Tech 
    and a G-spot (or how to use either)
[ ] Demonstrating that I just got email capability, and boy is it 
    cool!  (or kewl or kewel or whatever)
[ ] Sending a joke that's been around forever and has no "car" content
[ ] RX-7 dating service - Pick up chicks that drive RX-7s
[ ] Complaining about someone else's waste of bandwidth or lack of RX-7
    content while contributing nothing myself

The subject is:

[ ]   Virus (hoax)
[ ]   Virus (probably hoax)
[ ]   Non-automotive joke
[ ]   Favorite song to which to wank
[ ]   Those kooky, nutty Brady Bunch kids!
[ ]   Incorrectly identified on the subject line
[ ]   Not related to the body of the message
[ ]   I refuse to use the [1] [2] [3] convention
[ ]   How much is my car worth?
[ ]   Those really swell Miller Lite commercials by Dick
[N/A] RX-7 related
[ ]   What's a subject?
[ ]   Covered in an FAQ
[ ]   Re: Digest #___
[ ]   Re: your mail

I am including:

[ ] Forwarded text not marked with the ">" convention to 
    designate included text
[ ] The entire post to which I am replying, including 
    non-relevant content
[ ] The entire post to which I am replying, including 
    all of the other posts that were forwarded in
    the post to which I am replying
[ ] The entire digest version of the day's mailings
[ ] The contents of my disk drive
[ ] The contents of our LAN file server
[ ] An archive of the entire Internet
[ ] I will be sending it along shortly on 1,200 DLT 
    cartridges via snail-mail

It will be in the following format:

[ ] MIME for those who do not have mail readers capable of it
    (plus a message saying your email reader is not capable of it)
[ ] MIME so I can screw up the digest version
[ ] MIME because the monthly rules message says not to use it
[ ] HTML for those who do not have mail readers capable of it
[ ] One copy each of the same message in Text and HTML
[ ] uuencoded
[ ] Audio, video, and other non-text formats
[ ] All of the above, with a few GIFs and JPEGs for good measure

I am (check all that apply):
[ ] An athiest
[ ] A democrat
[ ] A libertarian
[ ] A republican
[ ] A sixth grade graduate
[ ] Contemplating learning how to spell
[ ] Using this list as a forum for furthering my 
    cause or beliefs
[ ] Other______________
(Contributed by Felix Miata)

I spanked a:

[ ] Mustang     [ ] Corvette    [ ] Trans Am    [ ] 300Z
[ ] Camaro      [ ] Porsche     [ ] '73 Pinto   [ ] Viper
[ ] NSX         [ ] Myself      [ ] Other _____________

by:  [ ] 1 car length   [ ] 2 car lengths       [ ] 3+ car lengths

My car is faster than:

[ ] Jim LaBreck	[ ] Brooks Weisblat	[ ] Carlos Iglesias 
[ ] Trev's	[ ] Kevin's		[ ] Adam's
   (contributed by Carl Houseman)

My car gets the following miles to the gallon:

[ ]  0 -  5
[ ]  6 - 10
[ ] 11 - 15
[ ] 16 - 20
[ ] 20+

My car has the following miles on the clock:

[ ]        0 - 10,000
[ ]   10,001 - 50,000
[ ]   50,001 - 100,000
[ ]  100,001+

I got a speeding ticket for:

[ ] 10 over
[ ] 20 over
[ ] 30 over
[ ] I am posting this from a jail cell

My favorite nickname for a Mustang is:

[ ] Rustang     [ ] Mufftang
[ ] Mustank     [ ] Fairmont Sport
[ ] 5.slow	[ ] Other ____________

I named my:

[ ] Car         [ ] Right hand
[ ] Unit        [ ] Tools

My car's color is:

[ ] White	[ ] Black	[ ] Grey	[ ] Blue
[ ] Yellow	[ ] Red		[ ] Several of the above
[ ] All of the above		[ ] Other _____________
[ ] an important determinant of how quickly my car can do the 1/4 mile
(Felix Miata contributed this one)

I would like to take your time to flame:

[ ] Kevin               [ ] John        [ ] Tuck
[ ] Robert Eaton        [ ] Jim LaBreck
[ ] Other _____________
[X] My computer will not send mail containing flames 
    directly to the individual; only to the list

(Insert standard flame here.  Non-standard flames are not acceptable.)

The new RX-7 will be (choose one from each column):

[ ] a '98       [ ] based on the RX-01          [X] I have no solid info
[ ] a '99       [ ] a re-intro of the 3rd gen       but will post anyway
[ ] a '00       [ ] a rotary Miata

My favorite song to which to, uh, ahem, ummm, drive is:

[ ] Anything by Vanilla Ice
[ ] By an artist that is so cool I am sure you have 
    not heard of him/her
[ ] I Touch Myself, by the DiVinyls

My stereo:

[ ] Can be heard by cars 1/3 mile in front of or behind me
[ ] Requires several extra alternators on my engine
[ ] Goes to 11
(some contributed by Felix Miata)

Adam is:

[ ] A farmer    [ ] A rich boy          [ ] A jagoff
[ ] Spoiled     [ ] Given an allowance  [ ] All of the above


[ ] How do I unsubscribe
[ ] Help! How do I unsubscribe
[ ] How go I get off this list
[ ] I didn't save the first message I received telling me how to
    unsubscribe, even though it said to save it
[ ] I didn't read the message at the bottom of each posting I 
    receive that tells me where to send administrative requests
[ ] Please attach extra copies of how to subscribe/unsubscribe 
    for the benefit of the other members of the list

My tires have been on my car:

[ ] under 10,000 miles
[ ] 10,000 - 20,000 miles
[ ] 20,001 - 30,000 miles
[ ] 30,001 - 40,000 miles
[ ] 40,001 - 50,000 miles
[ ] over 50,000 miles
[ ] I don't know, but thought I would share that fact with 
    all of you


[ ] Sucks
[ ] Does not
[ ] Does too
[ ] Does not
[ ] Does too

My exhaust tip is:

[ ] The size of a manhole cover
[ ] Bigger than yours
[ ] Is not
[ ] Is too
[ ] Is not
[ ] Mine has two tips!

The large Kanji character painted on my hood means:

[ ] Feel the power in my victory
[ ] My genitals swell with pride at the macho-ness 
    of my car
[ ] Bite the wax tadpole

My insurance is:

[ ] < $500 for 6 months
[ ] $ 501 - 1000 for 6 months
[ ] $1001 - 2000 for 6 months
[ ] more than the GNP of many small countries
[ ] I am posting about it even though no one else on the list
    has the same combination of age, location, marital status,
    and traffic record, and therefore could not possibly have
    any sort of meaningful comparison.

Me too!!!!:

[ ] I love Boy George too!!!!
[ ] I can't drive 55 either!!!!
[ ] I hate Mustangs, too!!!!!
[ ] I want to say "piss-tons", too!!!
[ ] I don't want to add useful information or 
    discussion to this list either!!!


[ ] Nitto tires         [ ] Nology wires        [ ] Slick 50
[ ] Snake oil           [ ] Spiralmax Tornado	[ ] Me too!!!!
[ ] How much is a new engine

About This Checklist (must choose one):

[ ] This checklist doesn't apply to me (and I am including 
    it in its entirety to prove it)
[ ] This checklist offends me (but doesn't apply to me)
[ ] I will flame its creator to the entire list instead of to
    him privately, thereby wasting even more bandwidth (and
    it still doesn't apply to me)
[ ] I was touching myself while I surfed the 'net for nudie 
    pictures and found this form by mistake


[ ] HTML for those who do not have email readers capable of it
[ ] Much bigger than my actual post (not counting the entire 
    digest which I included)
[ ] An audio file
[ ] Racist, sexist, or offensive to certain religions
[ ] The entire bill of materials required to build an RX-7 
    down to the smallest nuts and bolts


Guidlines for posting:

o  Please discontinue the posting of original content.  
o  Only submit via this form.  
o  Please include this checklist in its entirety.  Do not 
   delete non-relevant portions.  
o  List members must submit this form at least four times 
   per day.  Do not change responses from post to post.
o  All responses will be tallied, analyzed, and collated,
   but no useful statistics will be given.  Instead, all posts
   will be forwarded in their entirety to each member of the 
   list.  Please forward these back to the list.

Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 13:43:23 -0700

From the MR2 mailing list...

QUESTION: How many Internet mailing list subscribers does it take to change a light bulb?

ANSWER: 1,331:

Mailing List Acronyms

Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 10:18:02 -0000
From: "Percy, Henning" (

Here is a copy of my acronyms list. Hope it helps some people (I know I could have done with it when I started reading the list).

Let me know if I've left any out (or got any wrong).

- - ------=[ Rotary Car / Engine Acronyms ]=-----

- - --=[ 1 ]=-----
        10A-RE          10A-Rotary Engine - Original Engine in the Cosmo,
                        and R100 - 1 litre displacement, hence 10
        12A-RE          12A-Rotary Engine - RX-2,3,First generation RX7, 1.2
                        litre displacement, hence 12
        13B-RE          13B-Rotary Engine - RX-4,2nd gen Cosmo or RX-5,
                        followed by the EGI in the GSL-SE, and the N/A FC
        13B-RES         13B-Rotary Engine Single turbo -  Single Turbo of
                        the FC
        13B-REW         13B-Rotary Engine tWin turbo - Twin Turbo of the FD
- - --=[ 2 ]=-----
        20B-REW         20B-Rotary Engine tWin turbo - The Cosmo motor Twin
                        turbo 3 rotor.
- - --=[ A ]=-----
        ABS             Anti-lock Breaking System
        ABSV            Air Bypass solenoid Valve
        ACV             Air Control Valve
        AFC             Air Fuel (Mix) Controller/Computer
        AFM             Air Flow Meter
        AST             Air Seperation Tank
        ATS             Air Temperature Sensor
        autox           Autocross
        AWS             Accelerated Warm-up System
- - --=[ B ]=-----
        BACV            Bypass Air Control valve
        BOV             Blow Off Valve
- - --=[ C ]=-----
        CB              Cat Back exhaust
        CAS             Crank Angle Sensor
        CAT             Catalytic Converter
        CYM             Competition Yellow Mica
- - --=[ D ]=-----
        DEI             Dynamic Effect Intake (DEI FC engine)
        DP              Down Pipe
- - --=[ E ]=-----
        ECU             Electronic Control Unit (engine computer)
        EGI             Electronic Gasoline Injection
        EGR             Exhaust Gas Recirculation
        EGT             Exhaust Gas Temperature
        EVC             Electronic (boost) Valve Controller
- - --=[ F ]=-----
        FB              First generation RX-7 (derived from letters in the
        FC              Second generation RX-7 (derived from letters in the
        FCC             Fuel Cut Controller
        FCD             Fuel Cut Defenser
        FD              Third generation RX-7 (derived from letters in the
        FEED            Fujita Engineering Evolutional Development -
Japanese tuning parts
        FPR             Fuel Pressure Regulator
- - --=[ I ]=-----
        IC              InterCooler
- - --=[ K ]=-----
        KOKO            Key On Key Off test
- - --=[ L ]=-----
        LSD             Limited Slip Differential
- - --=[ M ]=-----
        M2              M2 Performace (M2 = Mostly Mazda). Aftermarket
        MAF             Mass AirFlow (sensor)
        MAP             Manifold Absolute Pressure
        MB              Montego Blue
        MBC             Manual Boost Controller
        MBM             Montego Blue Metallic
        MOP             Metering Oil Pump
        MP              Mid Pipe
        MSP-RE          Multi Side Port Rotary Engine
- - --=[ N ]=-----
        NA              Naturally/Normally Aspirated (non-turbo)
        NOT             Normal Operating Temperature(s)
        NVH             Noise Vibration Harshness
- - --=[ O ]=-----
        OBD             On Board Diagnostic system
        OBDII           OBD2 - On Board Diagnostic system, 2nd generation
        OEM             Original Equipment Manufacturer
- - --=[ P ]=-----
        PCV             Posititve Crankcase Ventilation
        PEG             Popular Equipment Group (aka PEP)
        PEP             Popular Equipment Package
        PFS             Peter Farrel Supercars - An aftermarket dealer
- - --=[ R ]=-----
        R1              Racing package. '93 Model
        R2              Racing package. '94+ Model
        RB              Racing Beat - An after market tuning parts company
        REPU            Rotary Engined Pick-Up truck
        RICE            Rotary Internal Combustion Engine
        RRFPR           Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator
        RTV             Room Temperature Vulcanizing silicone sealer
- - --=[ S ]=-----
        SS              Stainless Steel
- - --=[ T ]=-----
        T               Touring package
        TDC             Top Dead Center
        TK              Toyo Kogyo, Mazda prior to name change
        TP              Touring Package
        TPS             Throttle Position Sensor
        TSB             Technical Service Bulletin
        TT              Twin Turbo
- - --=[ U ]=-----
        UIM             Upper Intake Manifold
- - --=[ V ]=-----
        VBPV            Variable Back Pressure Valve - Suggested acronym
        VDEI            Variable Dynamic Effect Intake
        VIN             Vehicle Identification Number
        VIR             Virginia International Raceway
        VR              Vintage Red
- - --=[ W ]=-----
        WOT             Wide Open Throttle
- - --=[ Y ]=-----
        YMMV            Your Milage May Vary

Mailing List Spam

From: Victor (
Date: April 28, 1999

it is much faster to deal with spam directly.

Just forward the offending message to the spammers ISP ( and he will lose the account within a day or so.

Don't even have to write explanations when forwarding the email (as long as all the headers are there).

ps. right now about 90% of morons that spam me get their accounts cancelled. I usually don't bother with foreign addresses (france, singapore, etc - they have different rules)


When people post spam to the mailing list, I like to send them back junk mail. Here is one example of a response:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for posting this to our Mazda RX-7 car mailing list.  I am interested in 
learning more about how this product will improve my car's performance, but I do not 
recognize many of the terms you used (perhaps too technical for me?).  Forgive me,
but I am a novice.  Could you enlighten me?

* To be multi-orgasmic 

Is this similar to the multi-discharge ignition unit?

* To greatly increase the intensity of his orgasm 

Do you mean spark intensity?  Or is this a term used by the 
Japanese manufacturer of the car?  Is this like origami?  

* Triple the length of his orgasm 

See my previous question.  I suppose if you folded the paper 
a different way, it would come out longer.  Can I learn how 
to fold origami models of the RX-7?  

* The secrets to penis enlargement 

The car does not have one of these - I checked the index of 
my shop manual very thoroughly but could find no reference 
to a "penis". 
* Discover the male G-spot 

I am in the market for a G-Analyst.  Please send more info, 
including price.

* To greatly increase semen volume 

I have already purchased a large volume intercooler.  Is Semen 
related to this?  Are they a manufacturer of intercoolers or 
intake systems?  

* The facts about Viagra, plus new drugs 

I do NOT take drugs while driving!  Period.  You should not 

* To eliminate premature ejaculation 

The RX-7's rotary engine is susceptible to pre-ignition and 
detonation.  How will this help?  

* The secrets of getting his partner to want more sex 

The car is very sexy looking.  Are you selling body kits, spoilers, 
wings, etc., that will make the car look even better?

* To eliminate impotence at any age 

The engine is very potent in stock trim.  Please explain how your 
product will increase horspower, and provide specific quantitative 
measurements.  Dyno sheets would be prefered.  

* To have up to a three hour erection

The RX-7 club has already elected officers for this year.  Sorry, but we will add your name for 
next year's candidates.  P.S. - we elected them in well under 3 hours.  




There is a list of clubs belonging to the RX-7 Club Web Ring, which has some additional sites.

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