Last updated: July 2, 1998

Shifter Installation

Mazdaspeed Short Shifter Installation

Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 18:36:47 +1200
From: G^Sport

With the Mazdaspeed kit you should have got the following:

[a] new cool shifter.
[b] spacer with 3 holes in it.
[c] another spacer with a slot in it. (no holes)
[d]a gaskit with 3 holes in it.
[e]3 longer bolts.

When you pull the old one out, you should have the following bits:

[i]Another big spring washer (re-use that)
[h]another spacer with a notch in it.(re-use that)
[y] 3 short bolts (don't need them),
[z] old shifter with boot, big spring washer with 3 tabs crimping the
washer to a spacer. all of which cannot be removed from the shifter
(don't need any of that).

They go in the gear box in the following order:

[1] part [c] another spacer with a slot in it. (no holes)
[2] part [i] big spring washer.
[3] part [h]old spacer with a notch in it.
[4] part [d] the gaskit with 3 holes in it.
[5] part [b] spacer with 3 holes in it.
[6] part [a] new cool shifter.
[7] part [e]3 longer bolts.

It will only go together if you have the notch pointing toward the front of the car.

If assembled correctly, there should be a pin for the notch to stop the shifter rotating.

Don't forget to put some grease on the big ball.

Re-use all the big rubber boots, or the engine will heard through the tunnel (like mine :) )

Mazdatrix Short Shifter Installation

From: Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 4:17 PM Subject: Re: [3] Mazdatrix Short Shifter

>There are two shims included in the kit.  The instructions say put shim #2
>with the wave washer and bushing.  Nothing about "shim #1."  I assume it
>goes between the collar and the transmission body.
>Can anyone confirm this, or tell me where else it might go?

Here's what Mazdatrix (Dave) responded:

Shims just come with the OEM bushing kits we use/include with shifters.

Usually don't need either one - but can be inserted between either upper or lower wave washer and corresponding bushing -- if it has any slop left in the shifter.

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